Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monsters Inc

So last weekend I purchased a new movie for my favorite children. Monsters Inc. This was a tragic mistake. If you have ever seen this movie the monsters generate electricity with the screams of children. Needless to say there is a lot of screaming in this movie. Well I am sure that you have figured out by now what I am going to say. My favorite children scream all day, I mean blood curdling, not sure if someone is bleeding screaming, for no apparent reason. So a word of advice, DO NOT show this movie to your 21 month old. Other than that we are just peachy.




Susan and Lee said...

Were they a little scared too? I have that movie and I haven't showed it to Jake yet because the shark in Nemo scared him. :)

mary said...

That's freakin' hilarious!

Kristin Puckett (Collins) said...

We have not watched that one either, Grace would have been afraid, but I don't think she would now. Although, she won't watch it, because of the name. MONSTER

Kelly M said...

Cody did that the first time he watched it, so we didn't watch it for a while after that. Now we're on a Polar Express kick.