Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 27, 2007

I am trying this out so that I can keep everyone updated on the twins. Things are going great, it is hectic as always. Mason is trying to cut teeth so he is SUPER fussy. Mason is NEVER fussy so this is very rare of him. He is also trying to crawl and he is sitting up really well. When the pain of teething is under control he laughs and is happy as ever. We have finally gotten Maggie Mae figured out. As you all know she has always been pretty fussy in the evening and really does not like anyone but her mama. Well, we started her on prevacid for acid reflux, and a week later she is like a new baby! She laughs and plays all of the time. She is a little behind her brother as far as the sitting up and it is really pissing her off. She gets sooooo mad that he can sit up and she can not. Hopefully she will figure it out soon. Since she is feeling better her dad is her best friend. He is sooooo loving it. I almost forgot to tell you about our trip. We made our first trip, to Charleston SC. We had a great time and the babies did really well. Mom was exhausted from the heat and all of their travel gear!!!!
I will try to keep you posted every week.
Love Ya